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Auto Deadryder Auto Deadryder
This feminized variety is derived from the legendary Lowryder strain. In the enhanced version, the content of THC reaches 19%, please note that buy ...

Auto Gagarin Fast Auto Gagarin Fast
While working on Auto Gagarin, Bob Marley breeders created a couple of side phenotypes. One of them was much faster to ripen. By means of selection, b...

Auto Gagarin feminised Auto Gagarin feminised
Strane, who is bound to try every Grover and fan of cannabis! Unique in its own way, feminized seeds , cannabis varieties of Auto Gagarin store gen...
Mainly indica

Auto Hindu Kush Auto Hindu Kush
Hindi Kush cannabis seeds Feminized seeds varieties Auto Hindu Kush & nbsp; (Hindi Kush) are derived from the cultivated variety of classic...
Indica / Ruderalis

Auto Jamaica fem Auto Jamaica fem
The hemp variety Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering mixture of the Cuban indications and the Jamaican sativa . Feminized seeds of this variety are ...
Indica / Sativa

Auto Kabul Auto Kabul
Auto Kabul - the classic cult , known since 2002. The high content of THC, up to 23%, guarantees maximum enjoyment of the use of indices and psych...
Indica / Ruderalis

Auto Kali Mist Feminised Auto Kali Mist Feminised
Odor during flowering: medium   Auto Kali Mist - strong sativa (there is an opinion that this is the best sativa that exists today). A...

Auto Mazar Auto Mazar
Description of the cannabis Auto Mazar The Dutch Passion Auto Mazar is a powerful, bright, indie auto color with a huge density of cones and an ...
Indica predominantly

Auto Moon Rock Auto Moon Rock
Auto Moon Rock is a masterpiece of progressive breeding that Divine Seeds have presented to experienced valuers wishing for new impressions. Fits perf...

Auto Opium Auto Opium
Opium seeds This variety is a magnificent hybrid based on the ruderalis, which allows it to blossom independently in different light modes. Thanks...
Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis

AUTO Pineapple Express AUTO Pineapple Express
Auto Pineapple Express The legendary, known to most growers of marijuana creepers Auto Pineapple Express will appeal to both an experienced grover a...
Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis

Auto White Widow Auto White Widow
The popularity of this variety is associated with a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol with predominance of sativa. This concentration of matter i...
Sativa predominates

Bubble Gum Bubble Gum
The Bubble Gum plant has small bright-green cones with orange hairs. The taste of this breed is slack, reminiscent of the zebra crack. The smell durin...
Sativa / Indica hybrid

Bаnff Bаnff
This feminized strain was developed in Canada by a team of experienced breeders. The history of the variety begins with the moment when they were bor...

CBD Angel CBD Angel
A progressive therapeutic hybrid, CBD Angel is genetically based on Charlotte’s Angel, the Canadian strain famous for curing a five-year-old girl fro...
60% Indica / 40% Sativa

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