• Купить семена Auto Jamaica fem
  • Купить семена Auto Jamaica fem
  • Купить семена Auto Jamaica fem

Auto Jamaica fem

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  • THC: 25%
  • Type: Indica / Sativa
  • Flowering: 86 days from seed to harvest
  • Height (indoor): 80-110 cm
  • Height (outdoor): 100-140 cm
  • Harvest (indoor): 350-450 g / m2
  • Harvest (outdoor): Average
  • Genetic: Jamaican Ruderalis / Cuban indica / Jamaican sativa
  • Country: Jamaica

The hemp variety Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering mixture of the Cuban indications and the Jamaican sativa . Feminized seeds of this variety are produced in Jamaica by breeders from Bob Marley Seeds especially for connoisseurs of cheerful varieties and better quality. If you are a fan of the pleasant aroma of cannabis, then buy cannabis seeds Auto Jamaica fem . The dominant sativa in the genes makes the effect of the variety vigorous, causing a rush of mood, creativity and sociability. Cannabis Auto Jamaica can be called one of the best autoflowering varieties available today. Thanks to the impressive genetics, Auto Jamaica feminised cannabis seeds produce an average yielding plant , of the order of 100 -140 centimeters in height, if we talk about the open ground. It grows the central main cola and several nearby.

Cannabis seeds & nbsp; Auto Jamaica fem order at Bob Marley Store - the official representative

< In the flowering period, which lasts for 70 days, the cones of Auto Jamaica are densely covered with resin starting to exude an intense smell. Fragrant, dense Christmas trees, after 3 months of waiting, are able to bring about 350-450 grams of harvest per square meter, and 25% of THC in it will certainly please any grover. It is also worth noting that the plant fully reveals its potential in the methods of growing LST and SCRoG. The aroma of dried and treated inflorescences of this strane has an acidic shade of lime and a clear woody scent of pine. As for the taste - sweet floral, with a spicy aftertaste. Due to the high concentration of substances in the resin and the dominant sativa gene, this type of marijuana is used in medicine to treat depression and to stimulate appetite. The store offers to buy feminized cannabis seeds of Auto Jamaica variety by cash on delivery. We deliver by mail and the company New mail.


The price is for 1 seed. In the original packaging 6 seeds, packing price (48 USD)

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