Customer Reviews

Don Pablo

Wow, they've all sprouted. Healthy little monsters. Thank you!

Russ W.

4 days after placing my order - and here they are, beautiful. every seed has germinated alright, can't wait to see what they grow to be. thanks guys!

Jane Doe

you guys are just what I've been looking for. I'm loving these blue cheese kids, and thanks for the bonus seeds you sent. best wishes!


Stable genetics with potent buds! impressed me! Very easy to maintain.

Another dimension walker

Oh fellas, take on faith, i've been tripping by using so many doors, as for Divine Fractal - worthy, elegant and out of excess tinsel. be gentle with your trippin')

Deborah's fan

Wasn't expect something extra from that bonus seed that i've got to my order..everything as - declared, not bad!

Lazy Stoner

Gorilla glue..whooaaaa!!! that thing is reliably stick you down to the first reachable couch!! you shell be ready

Zero Cool

it's better to be realist! that damn bubble gum not such a harmless :D btch hits hard!

Who is Jacky

great on! last time collected somewhere in 600-700 grams per bush

Ali Riza bey

you should be courteous and careful with a plant, and it going to reward you with bazooka high effect!


Decent sativa, grew same as daclarate - 2.5m !! First 2 hours of effect was extra @fast@, couldn't stand on one place! But later...fellas..truE stone effect!

Future is now

wow wow wow!! unexpected stongg and surprised me with large harvest CaRaBBa!! Thought buds gonna seems like rocks, but smth gone wronge i guess..anyway epic

Faceless grow

Stealth delivery on mega top lvl, guys! gratzz!

Dark side grower

I grew Opium, strain impressed by harvest and power! for the same interest decided to try Auto Black Opium - new line! plant did not grow as black as declared..but at the same time no less powerful and harvest than classic opium! 5*+ thumbs up Растил опиум и сорт впечатлил урожайностью и мощностью, ради интереса попробовать решил блек опиум - новую линейку Растение выросло не таким черным как заявленно но при этом не менее мощным и урожайным чем класмсическй опиум

Gorgeous DmyT

On previous season Auto Gagarin showed himself terrific! as for winter decided to take auto gagarin fast, just wanna to get same harvest but faster, but harvest was not such large, but not inferior in quality to big brother - no doubt! strong like original