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Amnesia XL

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  • Height: 1.80 - 2.50 m
  • THC: 25%
  • Harvest: 700-900 g/m2
  • Flowering: 64-66 days
  • Genetic: 65% Sativa/ 35% Indica

Addressed to gourmands and connoisseurs, Amnesia XL can still be enjoyed by everyone who likes mellow, yet potent and long lasting cerebral high. Divine Seeds created this relatively compact and fast-growing leaning Sativa by crossing multiple Amnesia Haze phenos together and (probably) adding a potent and resinous Afghani Indica. Hence, the parentage is represented by Thai, Afghani, Hawaiian, Colombian, Mexican and Indian marijuana. It is a universal strain, surprisingly sturdy and unbelievably delicious. Amnesia XL is a potent cerebral stimulant, but the drive is balanced with a pleasant relaxation (that still allows you to stay on the move). In medical practice Amnesia XL can be applied for treating depression and appetite disorders, apathy and excessive sleepiness.

Growing Amnesia XL

Any environment generally used for cannabis cultivation fits for Amnesia XL: indoor growboxes as well as outdoor plantations, greenhouses, hydroponic and aeropoinic setups. An important forte of Amnesia XL is a reduced blooming period: it is exactly what the Canadian breeders tried to achieve by means of selection. So, grown hydroponically a plant can be ripe for harvest in 3 months after sprouting or so! As for its height, Indoors this marijuana seldom exceeds 125 cm. Amnesia XL can be transplanted provided that you can avoid damaging its roots. Welcome are any kinds of training including FIM or topping, LST or ScroG, mainlining or defoliation, SoG. Expect quite an intensive lemon smell further into smelling. Ready for outdoor harvesting by early or mid October.

The Impact of Amnesia XL

Generally Sativa is not for everybody, because some people get “the rush” and become nervous. Amnesia XL is well balanced and keeps you on the bright side. Despite the amnesiac name, it actually helps people concentrate, especially while doing creative or intellectual work. Wards sleep off nothing worse than coffee and makes for communication. Some people use this kind of marijuana for more efficient working. Amnesia XL can lighten up any party or help you put everything aside and do what you enjoy doing most. Great for romantic dates, sex, any kind of live performance, dancing, outdoor activities. Fit for any daytime use.

Warning: this description of an item only applies to residents of the Netherlands, Canada and other countries where medicinal use of cannabis is legal.

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