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Decided to buy cannabis seeds cheaply?

And you do not know how to do it correctly and where - there can be a lot of complications, especially for a beginner grover. Store Bob Marley is always ready to help with the choice, because we know which cannabis seeds are the best. We can place an order by cash on delivery, by courier or anonymously - we take into account all the wishes of the client. In addition, we give a guarantee of germination.

Shop Bob Marley will answer all your questions:

  • Where can I buy cannabis seeds
  • How to choose the right;
  • What will the germination of seeds be and their quality.
Bob Marley's store will gladly help his customers buy good cannabis seeds on very simple and profitable terms, providing themselves an excellent result of their use. At the same time we will provide not only quality, but also delivery, simple and fast, and also guarantee complete confidentiality of the fulfillment of any order. We strive to provide excellent service and work with customers so that it is convenient and completely safe for them.

cannabis seeds by mail

The opportunity to buy marijuana seeds will allow you to get products that were stored under optimal conditions and with observance of all relevant norms for this process, and retained the germination and quality fully. We do our best to ensure that our customers receive only good seeds, and that their crops are fully grown. So if you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Kiev, please contact us and your money will not be wasted.

Shop Bob Marley offers the widest range of varietal cannabis seeds. Autoflowers and feminized seeds , designed for domestic or greenhouse cultivation, or street varieties, large and lush or the most modest in appearance, are now all varieties became available to you, and you can enjoy their independent cultivation.

Online store of cannabis seeds

Our online store of cannabis seeds aims to make cooperation with customers as simple as possible, and therefore it is possible to buy the seeds of marijuana on our website without any special difficulties. You can use the order forms to quickly send us your wishes, and we will send your order as quickly as possible in any convenient way for you. Our customers can choose from several convenient payment options and delivery options.

The most secure, and at the same time as simple as possible is a method such as mail delivery. It is known that mail employees are never interested in the contents of parcels, and you can extract the products at home. But this method is far from the only one, and you can order cannabis seeds with courier delivery.

Buy cannabis seeds by courier delivery from "Bob Marley"

When it comes to a problem such as cannabis seeds, delivery, many people begin to feel insecure, as this is the phase of seed acquisition that causes the greatest fear. With us, you can order such goods not only privately, but also get cannabis seeds by cash on delivery, in order to pay for your purchase only afterwards, when you receive it.  

Cannabis seeds with delivery

Among the buyers of our store, there are often people from other countries who wish to buy seeds by cash on delivery with delivery to their country. As a rule, this does not cause any problems, because ordering cannabis seeds by mail has long been nothing special. Our employees carefully pack and mask products, so the safety of delivery is guaranteed. As for buyers from Ukraine - on the territory of the country of dispatch are carried out by New mail. By the way they can also order a courier, which will bring the parcel to the desired place, which is very convenient, if there is not enough time to pick up the order in the post office.

Buy marijuana seeds from Holland

The Netherlands sydbank has become so famous for the quality of its seeds that for more than a decade experienced gourmets have been looking for marijuana seeds from Holland in Ukraine. Nothing surprising, because everyone wants to try the original cannabis varieties, the same ones that smoke in Amsterdam's coffeeshops. Thanks to our shop, thirsty Dutch classics will be able to satisfy their desires. In addition, the assortment of the store has the strongest varieties of cannabis, which we bring from Spain, Canada and Jamaica. Classics are classics, but to expand knowledge in the world of cannabis is very exciting, moreover, every year, new items from overseas are becoming more powerful.


Elite Marijuana Seeds

Specially for gourmets and connoisseurs of culture in the assortment of the store there are elite marijuana seeds cash on delivery. One hundred per cent germination, high yield and lethal force of effect are what people pay for, for whom growing such products is not just a hobby. There are grains with unique flavors and flavors: sweet, flower-fruit, spicy, citrus and many other shades of the smells of elite varieties of good marijuana. Such seeds are sold exclusively in packages, the originality of which is helped by quality marks on them.

Cannabis grades cash on delivery

  • Auto Opium feminise
  • Pablo Escobar feminised
  • Auto Kabul feminised
  • Auto Kabul feminised
  • Fractal feminised 

In all these species, the content of THC in resin exceeds 23%, therefore the high quality of the crop is guaranteed! In addition to these, more than a hundred different strains from different manufacturers of cannabis seeds are represented on the site, among which there are also medical marijuana varieties containing a high amount of CBD.

Cannabis seed prices

Many buyers are interested in the price. The policy of our site selling cannabis seeds is democratic and you can come across a wide variety of price tags. On average, prices fluctuate in the following ranges:

Autoflowering cannabis seeds AK 47 17 USD / 3 seeds;   29 USD / 6 seeds.
The photoperiodal variety of cannabis Opium 21 USD / 3 seeds;   41 USD / 6 seeds.
The most powerful variety of Auto Gagarin feminised 27 USD / 3 seeds;   51 USD / 6 seeds.
Photoperiodal variety of hemp Pablo Escobar fem           34 USD / 6 seeds.
Autoflowering hemp variety Big Demon fem 41 USD / 6 seeds.

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