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feminized cannabis seeds

Why will the feminized seeds be the best solution?

Buy feminized cannabis seeds are better for those groomers who are limited in space or simply do not want to bother. Practical for Indore, feminized cannabis seeds produce bushes exclusively female, which is very useful when the number of seats is small and do not want to lose time before determining the sex of the plant. In addition, using non-feminized or regular seeds, there is a risk of pollination of flowering cones and then no qualitative sensitimia can be seen. That's why Femki will be the best choice for those who want to get an excellent harvest.

How do feminized marijuana seeds?

The process of feminization of seeds is an enthralling activity. Its essence lies in the "purging" of male genes from future seeds. This goal is achieved by the following way:
  1. Making or buying a solution of colloidal silver
  3. Selection of the flowering cannabis of a female specimen and its spraying until the appearance of male sexual characteristics.
  5. Collect pollen from the hermaphrodite obtained.
  7. Pollination of pollen of a female hemp obtained by pollen
  9. Getting feminized cannabis seeds.
However, not everything is so simple and the experience is decided in this matter. In case of failure, you will receive seeds that produce hermaphrodites, so it's better to think about whether the ovchinka is worth it. It is also important to note that marijuana that has been in contact with colloidal silver is unfit for smoking, so the bush should be disposed of after collecting pollen. Any cannabis seeds by mail will be delivered to you promptly!

How to grow feminized cannabis seeds?

Here everything depends on the variety and type of plant. In general, the recommendations for growing fish are the same as for conventional seeds. Only sex control is excluded from the process, although even with the use of feminized seeds, troubles occur and the plant can become a hermaphrodite, so you should not lose your vigilance. Negative results can also lead to stress, but for this you need to try. In order to extract the maximum yield potential of the selected variety, it is recommended to use high-quality lighting, for example DNT 600, equipped with reflector boxes and provide the plant with high-quality additional fertilizing. A variety of cultivation techniques, such as SCRoG, LST and others, will also help to maximize. If the Grover uses varieties for open ground, then the environment will have a greater impact, but timely care is also necessary. However, in this case, it is not necessary to speak about obtaining sensimilya.

Where to order marijuana seeds by cash on delivery?

Today, the network can be found many online stores, but not all of them have a wide range of varieties, not to mention the quality of the product itself. The store team Bob Marley provides an opportunity to buy feminized high quality marijuana seeds from world producers. In our assortment, only the best strains, among which there is even the most powerful hemp variety in the world! We can order delivery by mail or any other courier company.