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CBD Angel

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Divine Seeds
  • Height: 150 cm -195 cm
  • Harvest: 450-700 g / m2
  • Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Flowering: 62-66 days
  • Country: Canada

A progressive therapeutic hybrid, CBD Angel is genetically based on Charlotte’s Angel, the Canadian strain famous for curing a five-year-old girl from Dravet syndrome. This unique medical weed is a solution for everybody wishing to improve their systems by cannabis. CBD is known to induce no intoxicating effects normally referred to as “high”; it has been noticed to neutralize the impact of THC as well. Since the two most influential cannabinoids, THC and CBD, in medical practice tend to to strengthen each other’s efficiency, CBD Angel contains both at a nearly equal level. Nonetheless, CBD Angel is sober smoke addressed to medical users wanting to preserve a clear conscience. 

CBD Angel Growing

A high CBD percentage is not related to any specific growing behavior. However, in cultivation CBD Angel has reputed itself as non-capricious and resistant, with a high probability a success for most novice growers. The trick is to direct and/or restrict your plants’ growth in accordance with your growing conditions, because without control these plants can reach a 2 m’s height. Adaptable to any kind of environment traditionally used for marijuana: grow boxes and outdoor plantations, greenhouses and balconies or terraces. Indoors abort vegetation process just as soon as a plant reaches half admissible height. Provide at least 16-24 litres for every plant’s root system to have it fully developed. All training methods are appropriate to edit the structure of CBD Angel cannabis plants: LST, ScroG, FIM and topping, supercropping and mainlining. In response to training, plants gain a branchier shape thus significantly increasing future yields.

CBD Angel earthy smell is moderately intensive, yet coal filtering well be necessary for indoor cultivation. During the blooming phase all internodal room available is filled with calyxes unless you neglect training. In the opposite case, plants grow a massive central cola and accompanied with 3-4 side colas substantially smaller. Big and dense buds that CBD Angel produces should be protected from stale air and excessive moisture. For that purpose outdoor plantations should be covered when withstanding rainy periods, while indoor growing requires an active air ventilation as well as humidity control. Outdoor plants are ready for harvesting by mid October.

CBD Angel Effect

When THC is outleveled by CBD, it induces no changes in perception. What CBD Angel users will experience is a special clarity feeling often described as “more sober than before”. This marijuana is also an efficient anti-depression and anti-stress agent killing any anxiety or paranoia. Medical prescriptions for CBD Angel use include Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, attention deficiency, fatigue, irritability, Crohn’s disease, insomnia, neurasthenia and other neurotic symptoms. Appropriate for any daytime use.

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