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Afghan Original Afghan Original
Afghan Original is one of the most powerful varieties of Divine Seeds, which contains exclusively indie. His popularity is known among gourmets of ca...

Afghanistan Lights Afghanistan Lights
These are feminized cannabis seeds of the strain Afghanistan Lights, which is considered a classic cultivated species. When buying cannabis seeds Af...

Africa Unite Africa Unite
If you want to buy seeds of cannabis indica - choose Africa Unite! Feminized hemp seeds of the cultivar Africa Unite are produced...
100% Indica

AK-47 AK-47
The cannabis cultivar AK-47 is the best according to the reviews of many groovers! Buy cannabis seeds AK 47 in Bob Marley - fast delivery This ...
Indica / Sativa

AK-48 AK-48
AK-48 genesis AK-48 is derived from the Jock Horror and Ice varieties. Thus, along the line Ice his ancestors are different phenotypes of Afghani, ...
Indica / Sativa

Amnesia Haze Amnesia Haze
The cost is indicated for one seed of the Amnesia Haze variety. Effect from Amnesia: extremely strong state of drug intoxication, long-lasting effect...
Sativa: 70% Indica: 30%

Amnesia XL Amnesia XL
Addressed to gourmands and connoisseurs, Amnesia XL can still be enjoyed by everyone who likes mellow, yet potent and long lasting cerebral high. Divi...

Astronavt Fem Astronavt Fem
Cannabis variety The astronaut is a plagiarism of the famous Avto Gagarin cultivar. BE CAREFUL! Such a variety does not exist! If you want to grow ...
60% Sativa

Auto Afghan Bullet Auto Afghan Bullet
Seeds of cannabis Auto Afghan Bullet is certainly one of the best and brightest representatives of autoflowering strains that can be grown from fe...
Indica / Ruderalis

Auto AK-47 XL Auto AK-47 XL
Auto AK-47 XL seeds - select auto-color This feminized variety is an improved autoflowering analog of the famous AK-47. Buy cannabis seeds AK-47 A...
70% Sativa / 20% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Auto Big Bang Auto Big Bang
Seeds Auto Big Bang Auto Big Bang is a grade that gives a guaranteed result and high quality products. For lovers of fruit aroma, we recommend buy...
50% sativa, 30% indica, 20% Ruderalis

Auto Big Demon Auto Big Demon
Auto Big Demon is a kind of champion thanks to the high yield and impressive content of THC. Genetically, the variety comes from the powerful cannabi...
60% sativa / 40% indica

Auto Black Opium Auto Black Opium
Auto Black OpiumThis unique genotype was created after the vast success of Auto Opium, but Auto Black Opium has now fans of its own. Rumor has it the ...

Auto Bob feminised Auto Bob feminised
The hemp variety Auto Bob is a chic autoflowering hybrid indices from Cuba and sativa from Jamaica. It is bred by breeders of Jamaican sydbank Bo...
Indica / Sativa

Auto Candy Auto Candy
Feminized variety Auto Candy has a high yield with a small height of the bush. This is a vivid example of successful selection of autoflowering strai...
Indica / Ruderalis

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