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Russian Bear Russian Bear
The smell during flowering: strong. A powerful hybrid of two of the most famous varieties of AK 47 and ...
Indica predominantly

Russian Snow Russian Snow
Russian Snow is an excellent, strong variety, which is perfectly suited for growing both in indoor and Indore. During the flowering period, which is ...
Indica / Sativa

Satori Satori
There are 10 seeds in the package! The effect of Mandatory Satori Clean high in the head, fast arrival; strengthens concentration and creativity;...
Mostly Sativa

Turkman Valley Turkman Valley
The feminized strain of Turkman Valley emerged by crossing by Canadian breeders of two legendary plant varieties - Hindu Kush and AK-47 . The conten...
Sativa / Indica

White Widow White Widow
Variety description White Widow The seeds of the classic White Widow (White Widow) were feminized in Canada. This legendary strain does not require...
Indica / Sativa

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