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  • Купить семена Russian Bear

Russian Bear

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  • Height: mean
  • THC: 22%
  • Harvest: 350-500 grams per square meter. meter
  • Type: Indica predominantly
  • Flowering: 55 - 63 days
  • Gather: End of october
  • Genetic:  AK-47 and White Widow

The smell during flowering: strong. A powerful hybrid of two of the most famous varieties of AK 47 and

Multiple participant and winner of the Canabis Cup, so buy cannabis seeds Russian Bear is a good solution. White Russian received many awards, but it was more than 15 years ago, what about the new plants of this sort? What are they? Did they preserve their stamina and effectiveness? The answer is. More recently, an experienced plant breeder (named Cloudz) conducted a study using eight original seeds of the White Russian variety. All of them germinated very well, first they were grown under a German energy-saving lamp (115 W), which led to the growth of very compact bushes with lush green leaves. The planter used six-liter pots with fertilizers. After 2.5 weeks after germination, the bushes were moved to a modern growth room, where they received 600 watts of light from a sodium high-pressure lamp (in a daily light cycle of 18 hours). What struck in the eye initially, so this is what was observed amazing homogeneity of plants. They actually looked like clones, there were almost no differences in height, width, color or structure of the leaf.

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After four weeks, from the moment of germination, Cloudz caused flowering, due to the reduction of the light cycle to 12 hours. During flowering, two types of buds were identified, both very dense and resinous, with a small number of leaves. But the first type grew a little higher and had colas that were more elongated, while the cola of the shorter second type was more rounded. All of them looked stunning at the end of flowering, full of beautiful, thick buds throughout the plant, from the very base to the tip. These close inflorescences promised the most worthwhile harvest.

The only thing that was not out of the plan is that all four bushes exceeded the expected flowering time (56-63 days) by five days and finally reached maturity after 68 days. These additional five days of waiting did not cause damage, given the excellent quality of the buds and the extra weight grams that appeared during the last five days. The crop volume was from 40 to 51 grams, stunning for a variety grown from seeds that germinated in the soil and remained in the vegetative state for a standard period of time. In addition, the flowers emitted an unusually strong aroma of honey, which passed into the fruit after the drying process.

Already in the vegetative state, plants spread a strong odor, so care must be taken to properly control the air. When Cloudz switched to smoking White Russian buds, the effect was even better than he expected, a powerful one, acting on the subconscious. The effect of this sort lasted for several hours, often causing a fit of laughter. Cloudz estimated the content of TGCs at a level of at least 20% and undoubtedly highlighted the extraordinary power of White Russian. The aroma of smoke was very good, and also smooth, saturated and sweet was the taste. The plant was surprised: the overall quality of its four bushes was very high, the appearance and effect was fantastic. No doubt, White Russian today still has its rightful place among the best world varieties of cannabis.

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