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Divine Indica Divine Indica
Divine Indica is a unique mixture of several representatives of varieties of Afghan Indians. The combination of the best samples led to the emergence...

Divine OG Kush Divine OG Kush
Created by Canadian breeders, this strain is a remake of the famous OG Kush that originates from California, but is known and loved all over the world...

Divine Sativa Divine Sativa
Divine Sativa is a strain obtained by crossing the best varieties with pure Sativa. This variety is made especially for gourmets, who now can enjoy t...

Fractal Fractal
Fractal grade Hemp of grade Fractal. Ripe cones contain up to 24% tetrahydrocannabinol, so it is ideal for finding new esoteric revelations and imp...
Indica / Sativa

Gorilla Glue x Bruce Banner Gorilla Glue x Bruce Banner
Cannabis breeding is a science that has been making strides lately. Nowadays it is not a problem to find a true masterpiece of a marijuana strain, ext...

Hindu Kush Hindu Kush
Feminized seeds of Hindu Kush have a genotype with high stability , which allows obtaining a qualitative crop from second-generation pollinated seed...
Indica / Sativa

Jamaica Sativa Jamaica Sativa
The hemp variety Jamaica Sativa is a huge Christmas tree, capable of growing up to 270 centimeters in height. As the name suggests, these feminized ...
Sativa 100%

Lowryder 2 Feminised Lowryder 2 Feminised
The smell during flowering: strong. & nbsp; When buying cannabis seeds Lowryder 2 Feminised we guarantee high quality! The long-awaited success...
Sativa / Indica / rudelaris

Description of the LSD strain The hereditary progenitor LSD from Barney Farm is based on such famous progenitors as the fragrant Skunk and the ind...

Mama Thai Mama Thai
Mama Thai is a classic Thai landrace. As you know, long ripening represents the main problem of sativa varieties. Therefore, during the development o...

OG Kush OG Kush
Description of Og Kush This is a variety of marijuana with the Afghan genetics of the Kush family, bred by breeders from Los Angeles. OG means Orig...
75% Indica

Opium Opium
The name of this strain itself says that a powerful plant will grow from the feminized seeds, which must be used with great care. Just a few puffs of...
Indica / Sativa

Out of Space Out of Space
Feminized cannabis seeds of the grade Out Of Space is a photoperiodic 80% indicator . An excellent choice for experienced growers who want to col...
Indica 80%, Sativa 20%

Pablo Escobar Pablo Escobar
This variety deserves special attention. That's why it was named after the great Pablo Escobar. If you want to buy high-grade cannabis seeds , then ...
Indica / Sativa

Power Africa Feminised Power Africa Feminised
Power Africa Feminised is a hybrid grade of marijuana. The variety has a pronounced classical taste. With flowering and growth, Power Africa is virtua...

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