• Купить семена Lowryder 2 Feminised
  • Купить семена Lowryder 2 Feminised

Lowryder 2 Feminised

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  • Height: low
  • THC: 16 %
  • Harvest: low
  • Type: Sativa / Indica / rudelaris
  • Flowering: 6 weeks
  • Gather: 9 weeks from seed
  • Genetic: Santa Maria x Lowryder
  • Country: Spain

The smell during flowering: strong. & nbsp; When buying cannabis seeds Lowryder 2 Feminised we guarantee high quality! The long-awaited successor of the flagship variety from Joint Doctor finally came to us.   Lowryder # 2 is the newest product on the path of breeders to improve the power of the effect, yield and flavor of the original variety, retaining the unusual characteristics that made it so popular. Lowryder # 2 was supplemented with high-quality Santa maria genes, a variety known for its abundance of pitches, exotic taste and the soaring effect created by crossing two varieties of Indica and Sativa in Brazil. Then the hybrid was subjected to consecutive breeding for three generations. The result is a self-flowering dwarf, giving a wonderful strong dizzying effect with intoxicating aroma.   Strength and taste is complemented by a high yield of resin and a decent yield increase, as well as stability. The cones became larger, sturdy and fragrant compared to the original Lowryder.

Seeds & nbsp; Lowryder 2 Feminised - potent cannabis with delivery

As with the original Lowryder, the Lowryder # 2 does not need a separate room or a special light cycle. In the open ground Lowryder # 2 will grow faster than any vegetative variety.   This variety, without exaggeration, can be called unique. First of all due to its short life cycle. From the moment of getting the seeds into the ground and before the blossoming, take no more than two months, in other words 60 days.   In appearance it resembles a small herringbone. Very much appreciated for being unusually resilient and resistant to climate change. Does not require special attention. Grow this wonderful variety both in open space and indoors. Most often produces one main cola, but if the climate and expanse can allow for several branches. The size of the plant is very tiny from 25 to 60 centimeters. That is, if you are just a beginner Grover and have not yet figured out whether you are really ready to devote your time to growing cannabis and not only, the grade Auto Lowryder will suit you perfectly.   It can be planted in a decorative pot and observe the development. As already mentioned, this does not take much time. The plant is an auto flowering and feminized type.

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