• Купить семена Jamaica Sativa
  • Купить семена Jamaica Sativa
  • Купить семена Jamaica Sativa
  • Купить семена Jamaica Sativa
  • Купить семена Jamaica Sativa

Jamaica Sativa

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  • Height: 3-4 meters
  • THC: 24%
  • Harvest: 1700-4000 gr / m2
  • Type: Sativa 100%
  • Country: Jamaica

The hemp variety Jamaica Sativa is a huge Christmas tree, capable of growing up to 270 centimeters in height. As the name suggests, these feminized cannabis seeds were derived from local Jamaican genes. Characteristic for sativa high growth allows it to produce up to 1500-4000 grams of yield from a single plant. However, it will have to wait a long time - from 80 to 90 days, and this is only flowering! It grows in a harmonious tall plant, in Indore will exceed the mark of 300 centimeters and can reach 4.5 meters. It should be noted separately the amount of resin released by the plant - it covers not only cones and upper leaves, but even the trunk is closer to the upper wheel. The cones of Jamaica Sativa sweet and sour floral fragrance, and the taste of smoke with its sweetness resembles tropical fruits. Has a euphoric effect, amuses and charges with a positive. At the same time, the strength of this effect is fully felt - 24% of THC in resin do their work, so one bong will suffice to fly away for the clouds. It is not surprising that in this country at home, this strein is very popular with local rastamans.

Seeds Jamaica Sativa - buying the best Jamaican sativa

Of the medical qualities of this brand, it is worth noting excellent help in the fight with depression, post-traumatic syndrome, as well as with nutrition problems. Due to the abundant amount of resin released, the marijuana variety Jamaica Sativa has a powerful medicinal potential. Please note that when growing in a closed ground, the plant will need a large capacity for the substrate and additional additional fertilizing is required. It is also important to ensure a sufficient height of the box in advance so that the lamps do not burn the plant. If we are talking about an open ground, safety is very important here. almost three-meter plant will be seen from afar. Feminized cannabis seeds Jamaica Sativa are delivered to Ukraine directly from Jamaica from the manufacturer Bob Marley Seeds. You can order cannabis seeds by cash on delivery and on prepayment, delivery is carried out by New Mail.


The price is for 1 seed. In the original packaging, 6 seeds, packing price (66 USD)

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