Africa Unite

If you want to buy seeds of cannabis indica - choose Africa Unite! Feminized hemp seeds of the cultivar Africa Unite are produced in solar Jamaica by sydbank Bob Marley Seeds. When selecting a variety, the company's breeders used the home genetics of this plant from Africa, whic..



Auto Bob feminised

The hemp variety Auto Bob is a chic autoflowering hybrid indices from Cuba and sativa from Jamaica. It is bred by breeders of Jamaican sydbank Bob Marley Seeds and is delivered directly from the manufacturer, therefore when buying cannabis seeds Auto Bob feminised you can not worry for the qu..



Auto Gagarin feminised

Strane, who is bound to try every Grover and fan of cannabis! Unique in its own way, feminized seeds , cannabis varieties of Auto Gagarin store genetics from Afghanistan, the Hawaiian Islands and native Jamaica. The dominant indicator with a record number of THCs, reaching 31%, will surprise ev..



Auto Jamaica fem

The hemp variety Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering mixture of the Cuban indications and the Jamaican sativa . Feminized seeds of this variety are produced in Jamaica by breeders from Bob Marley Seeds especially for connoisseurs of cheerful varieties and better quality. If you are a fan of the p..



Jamaica Sativa

The hemp variety Jamaica Sativa is a huge Christmas tree, capable of growing up to 270 centimeters in height. As the name suggests, these feminized cannabis seeds were derived from local Jamaican genes. Characteristic for sativa high growth allows it to produce up to 1500-4000 grams of yield from ..



Out of Space

Feminized cannabis seeds of the grade Out Of Space is a photoperiodic 80% indicator . An excellent choice for experienced growers who want to collect a weighty package of quality harvest. The plant perfectly shows its full potential with competent pruning and using the SCRoG method. The variety..



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Bob Marley Sidz is a Jamaican-American company, recently appeared on the market, but has already declared itself affordable prices and original genetic material. The cannabis seeds of our own design are of interest to connoisseurs as exotic varieties with unique genetics and ... just like a steadfast life-giving marijuana, allowing without any tricks to grow a foreign-quality stuff.

The name can be raised by a person who was previously unfamiliar with the online store Bob Marley Seeds: after all, many famous people loved and love smoking cannabis, why was Marley elected as the icon of this organization? The point is that the goal of Bob Marley Sidz is not so much commercial success as the promotion of the philosophy of cannabis. Bob Marley led an active and conscious lifestyle, his statements about cannabis and his own world view have done much to debunk the idea of ​​a medicinal plant as a "drug".

Safe Seed Transfer

To buy marijuana seeds Bob Marley Sidz, it's enough to use the automatic form on the site. Ordering the seeds, the client retains full anonymity - do not worry about the fact that your parcel will be obscured, so that it attracts as little attention as possible. All shipments are packaged so carefully that it is impossible to uncover or enlighten the contents unnoticed. Delivery works including near and far abroad. In Ukraine, forwarding by New mail, courier delivery is also available for those who wish to receive the package personally (the client remains anonymous, as couriers are not aware of the specifics of the parcels).

Select Genetics Bob Marley

All seeds in the assortment are guaranteed 100% germination. Bob Marley Seeds works with the best banks of the seeds of the world-Czech, Jamaican, Spanish, Canadian and Dutch gene material of proven quality. Many high-concentration TGK, CBD and CBN strains meet the requirements for medical marijuana and successfully successfully counter medical side effects of chemical therapy, depression and neuroses, sleep disorders and decreased appetite, inflammatory processes, pain syndromes of various nature, muscle spasms and hypertonic muscles, increased excitability.

Bob Marley sid

A unique range of varieties of auto colors

Separate attention in the showcase of Bob Marley attracts new developments in the field of autoflowering strains. By the example of the new generation of car colors offered here, one can assess how far the modern selection has made a powerful step forward: the descriptions of new auto colors are like fantastic, it's too good to match reality! Nevertheless, the reviews of groovers confirm the complete coincidence of the appearance of plants and the quality of the staff with a description in the store.

  1. Auto Gagarin. The affectionate sun of Jamaica and Hawaii is flavored with the murderous heat of the Afghan gorges, the taste of the product is chocolate. THC 31% (!!!), productivity 500 g / m2 - unprecedented indicators for the auto color.
  2. Auto Opium. Opium calms the pain. Genetics Auto Opium - a harmonious combination of select Afghan genetics, stabilized by Canadian breeders. ТГК 29%, the yield in the autumn can reach 1 kg / m2.
  3. Auto Kabul. The classic Afghan is now available in the guise of a surprisingly prolific autoflowering plant. The variety has proved itself in medicine: the prevention of VSD and headaches, lowering of intraocular pressure and the fight against glaucoma. THC 23%. Productivity of 600 g / m2.

Is Bob Marley Seeds unique?

Someone may ask: why do we need another online store of cannabis seeds? After all, you can buy cannabis seeds anywhere - in addition to Bob Marley Sidz, the expanses of the Internet are full of offers.

The truth is that Bob Marley prices hardly exceed 5 EUR (Dutch and elite seeds are more expensive, as their purchase price is higher). Bob Marley Seeds, probably, is the cheapest shop of seeds from nowadays working. Feedback from users confirms friendly service and honest cooperation, which indicates the intention of the company for a long time to please the growers with affordable high quality cannabis seeds.