• Купить семена OG Kush
  • Купить семена OG Kush
  • Купить семена OG Kush
  • Купить семена OG Kush

OG Kush

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  • Height: up to 3 meters
  • THC: 24%
  • Type: 75% Indica
  • Flowering: 55 days
  • Gather: early October
  • Harvest (indoor): 550 g / m2
  • Harvest (outdoor): 1100 g / bush

Description of Og Kush

This is a variety of marijuana with the Afghan genetics of the Kush family, bred by breeders from Los Angeles. OG means Original Gangster. So easy to get the seeds of OG Kush became possible just recently, but during this time the strain has won a lot of admirers. OG Kush fem can not be called an unpretentious variety, but a newcomer will be able to cope with its cultivation if he is simply attentive to his plant. The variety has a very good pedigree. If you decide to buy cannabis seeds OG Kush, you should understand that you buy a cross of such sensational varieties as Lemon Thai, Pakistaní and ChemDog. It's impossible not to mention the appearance of the bush in the OG Kush description: the fine structure, the stems are elongated, and also the very densely knocked cola.

In general, OG Kush is:

  • Odorous oily indicator from the family KUSH
  • Average size
  • High yield
  • Sedative effect
  • A strong fruity odor
  • The peculiarities of growing animals

OG Kush grows well both in the closed and in the open ground. Plants give heavy yields of 500 g per m2. Having enough experience of grooving with a bucket can be experimented using the methods of SCRoG and SoG. OG Kush fem truly reacts perfectly to the undercutting of the lower leaves. The flowering period lasts 55-60 days. Harvest is presented in the form of small, but very dense cones. The plant in Indore stretches to 150 cm, and in the out-of-range to 300 cm. It is also worth mentioning that the variety belongs to the family of kushas, ​​and therefore is perfectly suitable for making high-quality hashish from very resinous cones.

Taste and effect

Someone says that OG Kush smells of petrol and lemon. But numerous positive reviews & nbsp; agree that the brand has a sweet flavor of citrus and passion fruit, sugary and delicate. Such an aroma is very impressive for the classic sedative effect of indie. The action of OG Kush is very imposing and long-lasting, knocking down. High and smoothly fly, but just lying on the couch - that's what OG Kush is. Buy OG Kush in Ukraine of the highest quality and for the best price you can in the store of marijuana seeds.

The price is for 1 seed.

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