Auto Gagarin: An Outer Space Experience

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Auto Gagarin: An Outer Space Experience

Getting Auto Gagarin Feminized seeds is a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for an individual grower. Looking at the descriptions of this strain one may think that a high THC concentration makes it special. However, it would be underestimation of Gagarin phenotype. Bob Marley Seeds breeders put a lot of effort into making Auto Gagarin a truly unique kind of Indica. Due to its outstanding genetics as well as cleverly done breeding, we have a very unusual cannabis strain here. Its THC percentage is only one of the special features it has to offer!

How Auto Gagarin Was Created

The basic concept of Gagarin is to overwhelm even whole-life smokers, mightily tolerant to cannabinoids. It began its life in 2000-s when Bob Marley Seeds combined a sturdy and potent Jamaican hybrid with a resinous Afghani Indica. The Jamaican weed possessed an unusual coffee flavor that was inherited by the result of this cross. The new coffee-smelling Jamaican-Afghani marijuana was quite productive and vivid, but something was still missing. 

And then it happened: exchanging patches with Hawaiian selectioneers, Bob Marley Seeds specialists obtained a very special Hawaiian leaning Sativa: not only it contained an extremely high amount of THC, but it also smelled of coffee and dark chocolate as well! By crossing this rare kind of Sativa with the Afghani and Jamaican hybrid, Auto Gagarin Feminized was created, with its 31% THC level.

What Are Auto Gagarin Bushes Like?

This leaning Indica has demonstrated massive resin production and a productivity rate above average, but this is true only if the plants are not mishandled. Fortunately, the most crucial don’ts of Auto Gagarin are the same with any other autoflowering cannabis:

  • No transplantation: your Auto Gagarin plant is to live until harvest time right where it sprouted. A lifehack for indoor growers using pots: if in the middle of vegetation your pot appears too small, cut its bottom off and put it on the top of another pot filled with ground/substrate. This the root system can continue developing, and your plant will be able to gain more height. Best pot size for indoor growing: 14 litres.
  • Do not traumatize: with training, stick to non-stressful methods techniques only: LST or ScroG. No FIMming, topping or supercropping is allowed. Also keep it down when fertilizing: giving a lesser amount is way better than intoxicating your plants.
  • Indoor growers, water correctly: while a small plant (1-3 weeks old) is in a big pot, it is important that you don’t overwater it. The thing is, a small plant can’t drink so much water as you give it by wettening all the ground in the pot! So add a proper amount of water wettening only that part of the ground where the seed actually is, and a little bit around it. 

What else can be crucial for a weighty yield? Growing Auto Gagarin outdoors, it is recommended to mulch the ground around its stems (mulching means putting a small amount of compost in the plant’s root zone). 

As for indoor lights, for achieving 31% THC your cannabis must certainly get 1.5 more light than it would be enough regular marijuana. For example, using high-pressure sodium lamps, one needs a 100 Wt lamp for each Auto Gagarin plant. An important aspect about indoor growing is air ventilation, which must be active - both during vegetative stage and at flowering.

How Does Auto Gagarin Work?

Anybody who has seen Disney’s cartoons remembers this:

Auto Gagarin impact is mostly the same, but this effect lasts for 3 hours. A profound and heavy stoning experience, all your muscles get as mild as cotton. After smoking Auto Gagarin people can hardly move or speak for the first hour or two, so before tripping make sure you are situated with comfort. In tine dosage this still is a wonderful remedy for those who feel sick during hot weather.

Apart from its relaxing abilities, Auto Gagarin is also a unique option for any medical user seeking a tool against nausea, chronic and rheumatic pains, irritation, muscle spasms and cramps, appetite and sleep disorders, migraines and panic attacks.

All in all, Auto Gagarin can hardly be viewed simply as a strong sedative Indica strain. Being a 10-15% Sativa, it provides a flamboyant bouquet of cannabis psychedelic effects including changes in the perception of time, shape, color and sounds, unusual thinking and astonishing insights. Lying down with Auto Gagarin coffee smoke, you are not going to bed, but fixing yourself in a spacecraft seat, and which far-away stars will be your destination - it is up to you. Mind that smoking such powerful cannabis is advised only if you stay away from driving a car.