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Bob Marley - cannabis seeds from The Netherlands and other countries

Worldwide shipping. 

Web store “Bob Marley” brings customers the joy of offering high quality, original cannabis seeds since 2010.

инет магазин семена боб марли

The elite marijuana strains that we offer are brought from different corners of the globe! Like - Canada Jamaica Spain The Netherlands Czech Republic

Since we work with the world's best seedbanks, the Bob Marley store offers exclusive original products.

Bob Marley online store gives you the opportunity to anonymously purchase marijuana seeds shipped by mail.

We have a huge assortment of seeds, their range is constantly updated:

АAuto Flowering seeds: 
~20 strains
Feminized seeds:
~20 strains
Not feminized seeds:
~5 strains
Small strains seeds:
15 strains
Middle strains seeds:
~ 20-30 strains
Big strains seeds:
~ 15 strains
Giant strains seeds:
~ 5 stains
For noob grower strains:
~ 30 strains
Indica seeds: 25 strains
Sativa seeds: ~15-30 strains
~ 30 strains
~ 30-40 strains
Medical strains:
~ 30 stains

You can also consult with our manager to determine the delivery address. There are always auto flowering feminized seeds like Auto Opium, Auto Gagarin in store. Those The ripening process lasts only 2.5-3 months. Also, we always have a wide range of feminized seeds of such strains as Opium, AK-47, Pablo Escobar

Why you should order cannabis seeds from us by mail ?

магазин боб марли семена

Over 8 years of experience in the seeds market. We have the same passion with our customers. That’s exactly  why we clearly realize what the grower wants when they decide to purchase elite cannabis seeds. We have developed a competent system of values, so when buying seeds in a Bob Marley web-store you are guaranteed:

Efficiency. We send cannabis seeds on the same day when the order was placed, or on the following one. We rather delay the end of our working hours than  delay shipping.

Total privacy. We intelligently pack our every order, masking it in jewelry. There are no accidents and oddities with us . Our reputation, is customer safety. No one will ever know anything.

Fair and flexible discount. Bob Marley seed shop always keeps the most affordable prices for high-quality products.  We also provides really generous discounts  for bulk orders

Consistency in high quality of all products.

100% germination guarantee for every single seed.

Always surprisingly generous bonuses and permanent promotions.

We recommend that you should better use cannabis seeds as a souvenir or kosher treat for your pet (birds, rodents) or seeds from the Netherlands for fishing. We warn that germinating seeds is illegal. Growing is subject to criminal laws applicable to your country 

By making a purchase, you confirm that you are over 18 years old and that you have no illegal aims.

Bob Marley online store gives generous bonuses to each order, 100% germination guarantees on every single seed and will will provide complete confidentiality for each client!