Best Seedbanks

    Seedbanks in the USA, Canada, Jamaica and Europe offer a wide range of marijuana seeds for every taste and need – from cheap fail-safe seeds to elite strain seeds that require a competent approach and lots of cultivation experience.

    Naturally, the most well-respected cannabis seed brands originate from the Netherlands. 10 years ago anyone would say there was no match for Dutch seed banks!  The legal status of the herb was certainly a benefit to develop science and technologies of breeding in that country. However, in Canada, the United States, and throughout Europe, enthusiasts have also been breeding new productive and stable strains. Nowadays experience is fast to spread amongst cannabis amateurs and professionals. Also, as cannabis is gradually starting to be seen as a medicinal plant, breeding becomes more popular and less underground. 

Рейтинг сидбанков по ценам - от дорогих к недорогим!

  1. The first place in our top of the best seed banks in the world will be shared between Neuro Seeds and Sensi Seeds, whose prices on average range from 20-50 EUR and 20-60 EUR per pack of seeds respectively.
  2. лучшие сидбанки мира
  3. White Label, a well-known brand, offers seeds at prices that start from 18 EUR. Their elite products may even cost up to 90 EUR per pack. Notably, White Label offers strains nothing inferior to what Neuro Seeds and Sensi Seeds produce!
  4. безопасные сидбанки украины
  5. Mandala Seeds is a bit more “buyer-friendly”, since here the prices for seeds are mostly kept within 18-25 EUR. The staff of Mandala Seeds has welcomed growers with the best propositions they could make! Importantly, Mandala Seeds’ material is not lower in quality than that of Sensi Seeds or White Label. This seed bank is committed to using as little promotion and hiring as few staff as possible – their policy is to minimize prices.
  6. семена конопли от производителя
  7. Divine Seeds is a fair-cost retail and wholesale seed bank / breeder of Canadian origin. Low prices (9-10 EUR on average) might be due to Divine Seeds not having been at the market longer than for 20 years. Upgraded versions of popular classic strains as well as unique brand-new hybrids and landrace varieties are offered here. Customers of Divine Seeds have noted full correspondence between their plants and photos / descriptions that the seed bank provides for its strains. 
  8. производители семян конопли
  9. Marley Seed Bank, s the most generous brand on our list – just as the noble name obliges. Here 8-9 EUR is the price for some of the most amazing and rare marijuana strains that you could possibly encounter! Located in Jamaica, Marley Seedbank 
  10. uses the local genetics and breeding traditions along with modern technologies. Having been around for about two decades, it has become well-reputed with its quality guarantee, top-notch genetics and unique beautiful hybrids with all kinds of fancy flavors. 
  11. недорогие сидбанки конопли оптовых продаж

    Are Marley Seedbank and Divine Seeds the Most Affordable?

        To Buy marijuana seeds online with a mail delivery is not difficult, the question is how much you overpay. Marley Seedbank and Divine Seeds provide products that are not in any feature worse than what Neuro Seeds or Mandala offer. Especially appreciated have been such varieties as Auto Gagarin, Auto Opium, Auto Gorilla #5, Fractal, Green Crack – they can be regarded on one level with such acknowledged masterpieces as Satori or Point of No Return by Mandala: yields, potency, exoticism – such twiggy and prolific autoflowers have never been available before. Such strains create a new image of autoflowering cannabis. 

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