Auto Big Demon

Auto Big Demon is a kind of champion thanks to the high yield and impressive content of THC. Genetically, the variety comes from the powerful cannabis growing in the Chui Valley. Feminized this autocvet in the Netherlands by experts of a high level for comfortable cultivation on the sites which are..



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Kazakhstan cannabis variety

Kazakhstan is a category of varieties that grow wildly on the territory of Kazakhstan, more precisely, in the Chui Valley. Surprisingly, in this relatively northern region grows pure Sativa . Kazakh varieties of high quality marijuana are quite rare in the hemp seed market. This product is exotic primarily because the growing process is complicated by the whims of the sharply continental climate. These landrays grow above human growth, have unimaginably thin leaves and dense cones. Due to the large amount of sun, the effect of such strains is interesting, purely sativic, deeply mental. From the catalog of our store you can recommend the cultivar Turkman Walley.