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Kush - a category for varieties of Kush and strains created on its basis. The variety of marijuana Kush comes from the glorious area of ​​Hindu Kash, located at the very junction of the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not far from Hindu Kash is the world famous for its hashish state of Kashmir. In the 70's, when this strain was brought to America, he quickly entered the masses, having received wide circulation. The most enviable Indica varieties are derived from the Kush string. One of them is the beloved gangsters of the 90's, winner of many awards, a variety of cannabis OG Kush. This chic Indica is not at all suitable for weaklings. For example, the variety Hindu Kush with its small size gives up to half a kilo of resinous, tightly knocked down cones per square meter, and the level of THC reaches 23%. It is worth mentioning that Kush is valued in the medical field for his analgesic properties.