GIANTS (2,4-3,5M)

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High varieties of cannabis

Buy seeds of cannabis giants, as a rule, want those growers who have a safe, remote place from people to grow, if it comes to open ground. The thing is that the highest varieties of cannabis, their bushes, reach a height of 3 meters, and sometimes even exceed this mark! Given this feature of such strains, grover will have to pay due attention to the selection of places for cultivation. Otherwise, the bush can be seen by strangers and then even the most productive varieties of marijuana will not bring joy to their Grover, not to mention the possible problems on the part of law enforcement. In addition, it is very important to note the high demands of huge cannabis plants. This becomes a serious problem for the beginner, but experienced growers know that the pledge of a stunning crop from high varieties of cannabis is enclosed in generous top dressing and watering. But this gives rise to the following problem - the massiveness of counts, which can simply break off under their own weight. That's why high hemp varieties & nbsp; require garters and supports. If you specifically answer the question: "What is the highest grade of marijuana?" Or to satisfy the interest of the grover, who is looking for the most productive varieties of marijuana, our store of marijuana seeds suggests paying attention to the following varieties:
  1. Divine Sativa (Exceeds 3 meters in height)
  3. Pablo Escobar (It reaches 2-2.5 meters and brings about a kilogram of harvest from the bush
As for the type of such varieties - here in most cases sativa predominates, because it is her genes that make the plant stretch upwards. The effect of such strains, as a rule, is invigorating, creative, boosting the mood. It is for these qualities and high yields that higher cannabis varieties are valued by producers of medical cannabis.

How to buy cannabis seeds of giant varieties?

Online store of marijuana seeds Bob Marley delivers marijuana seeds from Holland, Canada and other countries that are famous for the talents of their producers. Buy cannabis seeds can be either via the shopping cart on the site or by calling the phone numbers listed at the top of the page. Any buyer can order from us seeds-giants by cash on delivery or with a prepayment on the card, as conveniently. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by New mail within 2-3 days, and abroad sendings are made by Ukrposhta.