Seeds of marijuana from Holland

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Dutch Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Marijuana: An Overview

Cannabis seeds from Holland are famous for their stability in cultivation and especially high quality of grown staff. Do not know which Dutch cannabis seeds to order? We will conduct a brief comparative survey of the most common strains in the Netherlands, and you yourself will decide which cannabis seeds to buy .

Indicator or sativa
Height (cm)
Productivity (g / m2)
Amnesia Haze 70% sativa, 30% indica 80-110 650
Northern Lights indicators 90-120 800
Super Skunk 60% sativa, 40% indica 100-150 450
White Widow 60% sativa, 40% indica 100-160 400
Power Plant 90% Sativa 100-130 500

Medical cannabis and grooving

Ukraine is unlikely to launch scientific research into medical cannabis in the near future, therefore the opportunity to buy Dutch seeds and to carry groats is the main real chance for treatment of people needing medical marijuana in Ukraine.

Commercial groats always require high quality material. The costs associated with such a large-scale enterprise require its maximum payback. Therefore, professionals who are growing up to sell tend to cannabis seeds from Holland.

  1. Amnesia Haze - popular in Holland marijuana. There is even a separate category of fans namely Hayes, including Amnesia Haze. Action - depth and clarity of thought, enlightenment. Commercial grade. Orange trichomes on bright green, beautiful cannabis.
  2. Northern Lights - one of the most killer varieties of Indies, about NL and some other strains say "one puffs a little, two - bust". Genetics NL is a pure Afghan with a slight admixture of the satiated Thai Landrace. The aroma is exotic. Highly fertile grass
  3. Super Skunk - this hybrid with the predominance of indie is considered the most psychedelic marijuana from the strains of the past. Super Skunk was withdrawn by cross-crossing Skunk # 1 with an Afghan. Parents Skunk # 1, recall, the same Afghan, Acapulco Gold (Mexican sativa) and Colombian Gold (sativa from Colombia, of course). Action - invigorating and psychedelic, against depression.
  4. White Widow - the combination of the Brazilian landrace sativa with the southern indie gives a dense layer of THC crystals on the top sheets and inflorescences of this strane. Action - euphoria and communicativeness, a burst of energy, clarity of consciousness.
  5. Power Plant - South African genetics, the cultivar is positive by its action (euphoretic), pleases also exotic woody fragrance. Stimulates physical and creative activity. It is characterized by a brief ripening time for sativa - 7-9 weeks.

Where to buy good cannabis seeds from Holland?

Internet - a hemp seed store of Dutch sidbanks is not a problem to find. It is important that the store really cooperate with foreign suppliers. In addition, the prices of Dutch cannabis seeds are often overestimated, especially in Ukraine. Buy Dutch cannabis seeds by mail you can on the site of Bob Marley Seeds, for example, or Divine Seeds - customer reviews of these seed stores can be easily read.

Advantages of Dutch cannabis seeds

The current economic situation makes people think about a reasonable investment. "Does it make sense to overpay for Dutch genetics?" - some of the growers ask themselves.

The answer is yes. Prices for cannabis seeds from Dutch sydbank are higher, because every new spring in the Netherlands faces a very tough competition with a variety of other varieties (mostly high-quality). Thus, popularity is acquired only by nuggets, unusual varieties. In fairness, their development begins with a much higher-quality genetics, usually representing the result of more than one generation of breeding.

Order the seeds on the "Bob Marley" and be sure of the high quality of the goods and the guarantee of anonymous delivery.