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Sweet marijuana varieties

Cream Seeds - marijuana varieties with creamy taste . This taste can also be described as the taste of melted vanilla ice cream. Refers to a group of sweet varieties of marijuana. The smell of the cannabis variety is dodgy, gentle, enticing. Excellent for growing indor: during the flowering period, the plant does not produce a strong flavor, and therefore does not attract unnecessary attention. Due to this, it is suitable both for the flat and growing cannabis seeds for open ground , besides there are varieties with very high THC. < / p>

It is strongly recommended to make a prolechka, this will allow the taste to reveal itself more vividly, to pamper the owner with really sugary tones. The number of varieties with a sweet taste is limited, so that such manners can be called exotic. The most eminent strains with a creamy taste: Fractal, Out of Space, Ice Cream and Vanilla Kush. If a beginner rover wants a low price, then buy cannabis seeds wholesale - so the lowest price and nice bonus from online store.