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Hemp seeds with chocolate odor

Chocolate seeds - marijuana varieties with chocolate flavor . It all started with the fact that breeders in the process of crossing Chocolope with Chocolate Original Thai brought out Sativa with a unique, original and up to that time not an open smell, which was called chocolate, because of its similarity with the flavor of cocoa beans. If Grover grows hemp outdoor, then to what the smell emits the plant during flowering, he has no business.

But as for the cultivation of cannabis by the method of indor, the smell plays one of the most weighty roles. To use varieties of marijuana with chocolate aroma is a unique pleasure, but it is also extremely pleasant to grow them. Varieties with a characteristic chocolate smell: Chocolate Fondue, Fractal, Out of Space, Auto Gagarin Fem, Chocolate Skunk. We recommend buying cannabis seeds wholesale and you will noticeably save, but a good price and anonymous delivery is a good guarantee of long-term cooperation!