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Seeds of hemp with a citrus smell

Citrus seeds - a group of cannabis strains with bright citrus flavor . Find similar varieties by name is not difficult. After all, all strains containing the words Lemon, Grapefruit, Tangie, Tangerine, Orange belong to the family of varieties with citrus smell. But it is not uncommon that there is no mention of citrus in the name of the variety, but there is a characteristic taste and smell.

In general, the Citrus flavor can be called dense, juicy, sweet and sour at the same time. The fragrance of the cannabis is not annoying, it is more likely to appeal to its owner, but the strength and strength in it is enough to attract attention, so in the case of indor growing it should take care of the ventilation system. Citrus aroma of marijuana is quite common, for example it is in such varieties as Ak-47, Lemon Skunk, White Widow, Banff, Auto Big Demon, Orange Bud ... If you want to save, you can buy cannabis seeds wholesale & nbsp; or order cannabis seeds for the amount of 700 UAH. and get a nice bonus.