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Lowrider Lowryder & nbsp;

Lowryder - category for Lowryder varieties. This is the kind that first opened the doors to the autocracies in the world of grousing. In the 70s, the joint doctor decided to conduct an experiment: cross the Ruderalis (spontaneously growing wild marijuana with low THC) and all known strain Northern Lights. As a result, Lowryder emerged, the variety automatically blooming in 2-4 weeks after planting without transferring to bloom mode 12-12. Initially, Autocouples were inferior to photoperiod varieties in their yield and fortress, but to date the Authors have shown colossal stamina, excellent yield and enviable power. For example, in the Auto Deadryder grade, the THC level is 19%, and with a small plant size, the yield is 300 grams per m2.