Medical Marijuana

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medical marijuana varieties

Medical marijuana from Bob Marley!

The growing popularity of cannabis medicinal varieties as an alternative to pharmaceutical methods of treatment is explained by the current availability of information on the useful properties and results of clinical studies, and not at the loss of mores, as opponents of the plant try to prove.

What is the difference between medical marijuana?

It should be noted that medical strings are a separate category of marijuana. Any cannabis improves the state of health to some extent, but medical marijuana differs in its composition, which creates a qualitatively different effect. There are many cases where people have overcome the ailment due to the high concentration of active substances in the inflorescences of cannabis, bred by breeders in accordance with the needs of persons suffering from this or that disease, almost incurable means of traditional medicine.

How do cannabinoids work?

Treatment of medical hemp is possible due to the existence of an endocannabinoid system in the human body. Receptors sensitive to cannabinoids are scattered throughout the body. Their activation has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background, regeneration processes, helps the body fight inflammations - not to mention pleasant side effects like improving appetite and overall well-being, which is important for many patients undergoing chemotherapy. The side effects of some drugs (eg interferons) are so difficult to tolerate in conditions of a weakened organism that sometimes only smoking cannabis helps a patient to withstand therapy to the end, reducing pharmacological intoxication to a minimum.

Medicinal marijuana - everyone can buy now

In Ukraine, it was easy to buy seeds of medical cannabis only recently. An established cooperation with Dutch sydbanks allows offering high-quality gene material developed in the course of long-term breeding to all comers. The advantages of the Dutch breeders are obvious - the legal status of the plant allows to work openly and share experience, therefore the reputation of the sydbank of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is entirely deserved, as is the increased price for seeds of Dutch strains, the result of many years of work of breeders. Buy cannabis seeds can be anonymous in our store.

Composition and use of marijuana

Of course, the status of medical cannabis of any strain is obtained after the use of numerous patients confirms the high level of cannabinoids, good health after smoking and the absence of side effects like lethargy or paranoia. The level of THC in these varieties rarely falls below 18-19%, but this indicator is just one of the list. Important other lesser known compounds are cannabichromen, cannabidiol, cannabigirol and the like. These substances do not affect the consciousness of the user and even sometimes weaken the intoxicating effect of THC, but their role in eliminating inflammatory processes makes cannabis not just anesthetics or ways to improve appetite, but a panacea in some cases. For example, the property of cannabis has been proven to relieve inflammation of the nervous tissue in patients with Alzheimer's syndrome, cannabinoids also contribute to the dissolution of malignant plaques in the brain and the return of memory in this disease.

The action of medical marijuana:

Grade Effect
Basic medical indications
cancer, sleep and appetite disorders, muscle spasms, chemical therapy
depression, anxiety and panic disorder, attention disorders
Big Demon
low tone, diabetes, appetite disorders, depression
Gagarin (Gagarin)
sedative nausea (including associated with chemotherapy), sleep and appetite disorders, hypertension of muscles
Hindu & nbsp; Kush
sedative chronic hepatitis, stress, muscle tension, nausea, sleep and appetite disorders, oncological diseases, post-operative pains
Divine & nbsp; Indica
sedative chronic hepatitis, nausea, spasms, insomnia, cancer
New & nbsp; York & nbsp; < span lang = "EN-US" style = "text-align: center; font-size: 12pt;"> Diesel
depression, diabetes, panic and anxiety disorders, depressive-manic syndrome, headaches
sedative insomnia, chronic hepatitis, nausea, lack of appetite, postoperative pain, migraine
Pablo & nbsp; Escobar
diabetes, depressive, anxious and panic conditions, high intraocular pressure, Alzheimer's syndrome,
Silver Haze
attention disorders, Alzheimer's syndrome, sclerosis, diabetes, intoxication with chemical therapy
White Widow
depression, headaches and migraines, appetite disorders, glaucoma