AVERAGE (80-150CM)

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Medium cannabis varieties

Medium hemp varieties are the golden mean , a kind of standard for cannabis bush sizes. Such cannabis varieties are ideal for both growers and for the street. So, not exceeding one and a half meters, medium-sized marijuana varieties do not cause safety problems when cultivating in the open ground, because they do not have to be bent, tilted, attached to the ground, in attempts to hide their plot from prying eyes, which can not be said about two or three meter sativa, the tops of which can be seen from afar. If we talk about Indore, then here again, cannabis strains, whose growth collects within a meter and a half, are easy to control. In addition, considering the possibility of using various cultivation techniques, for example SCRoG, LST or FiM, a bush with a potential growth of up to one and a half meters can be easily accommodated in a meter-tall growbox without losing any yield.

How to choose a medium hemp variety ?

Online store of hemp seeds Bob Marley presents in his catalog a lot of cannabis strains, the sizes of which range from 90-160 centimeters. In addition to the height of the plant, the grover can also be interested in other parameters, for example:
  1. Variety type (indica / sativa / hybrid)
  2. Variety (autoflowering or photoperiodic)
  3. The length of the plant's life cycle.
  4. The content of THC in the resin of the plant.
  5. The potential productivity of the variety.
Here, each person chooses that he has more taste, and consultants of our store of seeds with pleasure help to make this choice, taking into account the wishes of the buyer and its capabilities. So, in the Bob Marley store catalog you can find hemp varieties with a high THC content, with different yields reaching 1000 grams per square meter, marijuana varieties that can ripen for half a year or just two and a half months! The price policy of the store is also loyal to the buyers. Depending on the producer and brand, the prices for seeds start from 95 hryvnia for a feminized seed. If the buyer is confused when choosing a string - our consultant will always tell you the best solution. You can buy cannabis seeds anonymously.

How to buy cannabis seeds?

Nowadays the best solution is to order cannabis seeds by mail. This is very convenient, besides, by ordering the seeds of marijuana with cash on delivery, the buyer ensures the safety of his money, ensuring the receipt of the selected product. You can make a reservation by simply clicking on the "Buy" button on the page of your chosen brand and proceed with the purchase in the shopping cart. Following the prompts, you need to enter all the necessary data, after which the customer will contact our manager to confirm the order. You can also just call the phone numbers listed at the top of the site. A polite consultant will answer all questions related to the purchase of seeds and make the purchase in telephone mode, after which the cannabis seeds will be sent to the client by mail or any other delivery service, for example, by New Mail. You can pay the order by cash on delivery, immediately upon receipt. To summarize, with rare hemp varieties - ideal for open ground.