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When you're going to grow cannabis in the street, it's worth taking care of plant safety. If there is no possibility buy cannabis seeds and hide them for plantations of other plants or high fence, it is better to choose low-grade marijuana. & nbsp;

Cannabis seeds for open ground

Why are cannabis seeds used for open ground ? Most growers prefer to grow their plants outdoors, that is, on the street: in the gardens, on the edge of the forest and so on. Cannabis grows very readily in the outdoors, but in this method of growing marijuana there are some difficulties associated with caring for the plant, because there are many factors on the street from which I would like to save my marijuana. To reduce the number of these factors, and to increase the convenience of cannabis cultivation in outdoor mode, there are special varieties of marijuana for open ground. It is these varieties that reserve groves when the season comes.
seeds hemp for the street

Important Aspects of Outdoor: Select Marijuana Seeds for Open Ground

1. In order to get an excellent result, you must first grow cannabis seeds for open ground indoors. After waiting a few weeks, the rover will give the plant strength. After that, the already prepared plant should be planted in the open ground, making sure that night frosts do not pose a threat.
2. < / span> It's worth noting that on the street, marijuana gives rich, large harvests, respectively, has large sizes.
3. It is important to remember that marijuana belongs to the category of plants affected by the photoperiod. Roughly speaking, a cannabis bush feels how long the day lasts, and how long the night lasts. Groves with experience know that most types of marijuana starts to bloom when the length of the night reaches 12 hours. For this reason, experienced growers for the method of cannabis cultivation in the open ground get autocells that do not wait for lengthening the dark time of the day and manage to give a large and high-quality harvest for the season.
4. It should be mentioned that marijuana bushes that sprouted from cannabis seeds for open ground are larger than their indor-brothers in size. For this reason, if you grow cannabis in your own greenhouse or vegetable garden, you have to cut and pinch the marijuana bush.
5. span> It is important to know as much as possible about the variety of marijuana with which it is necessary to work. It is important to know which bush will have height and what is its flowering period. It should be remembered that the indicator grows faster than sativa and has a lower height.
Ideally, you should purchase the desired variety in advance, without waiting for the season, because experienced growers buy their favorite varieties in advance. Tastes can coincide and finding the desired variety for a fair price can be a difficult task.

How can you buy cannabis seeds for open ground?

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