Seeds of cannabis

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Seeds of hemp by the piece

Sometimes it is necessary to buy cannabis seeds individually, because not every Grover can guess the most attractive variety for himself, without observing it in cultivation. Sometimes it is good to plant plants of different strains for comparison. Whether cheap cannabis seeds are available singly, and where it is better buy hemp seeds  - this is our article.

< h2> Low prices for seeds

Alas, the economic situation forces us to look for ways to reduce costs, including on groves. Fortunately, not all Sydbanks and seed stores are focused exclusively on the benefits, some of whom are trying to provide an opportunity for everyone, almost out of the question depending on income. Suppliers selling marijuana and cannabis seeds inexpensively per piece are often companies that recently appeared on the seed market. Reducing the prices of young sydbankov like Divine Seeds and Bob Marley Seeds is achieved by saving on the staff and ergonomic structure of the organization.

Seeds of cannabis Divine Seeds

Buy marijuana seeds cheaply per piece and in the package - it's easy, pay attention to the products of the Canadian Sydbank Divine Seeds .

1. Pablo Escobar. A hybrid, a taste of fruity smoke. The effect is the clarification of the mind and cheerfulness. TGK 25-27%. In indore is able to bring up to 700 700 g / m2. Genetics is Colombian.

2. Opium and Auto Opium. A killer indicator that can calm the most restless. The deepest active relaxant, TGC 29%. Weight in the open ground reaches 1 kg / m2. In fact, the seeds of Afghan. Autoflowering version retains a strong structure of the original, therefore almost not inferior in fertility. By force of impact, both options are equal.

3. Divine Sativa. Simple in growing and a relatively quick-ripening sativa grass. Flowering plants exquisitely smell of citrus. ТГК 22-24%. Harvest in Indore up to 700 g / m2, in the open ground to 1 kg / m2.

4. Auto Big Demon. Amazingly healthy and prolific autocoupler. The origin is Chu Valley. 60% sativa, 40% indie. THC 23%. Mixed action allows you to use this psychedelic shoot for any purpose - from meditation to a party. Yield in the outdoor reaches a champion mark of 1200 g / m2. The flowering plant smells of citrus, unusually bright orange trichomes on large inflorescences pleases the eye.

Hemp seed by the piece by Bob Marley Seeds

Sidbank Bob Marley also offers high-quality genetics at low rates, and any Grover can be bought here by the piece at cheap prices, high incomes are not required.

1 . Auto Jamaica Feminized. Jamaican sativa in combination with the Cuban indie gives a mixed effect - relaxation without stupor. Used in medical practice against depression, athletes remove this muscle strain muscular spasms. THC 25%. The harvest in the enclosed ground is 400-500 g / m2.

2. Auto Gagarin Feminized. THC 31%. Action - psychedelic insights, deep spiritual insights, a sort for esoteric cognition and art. The Afghan indicator in Gagarin is diluted with bright sativas - Hawaiian and Jamaican satellites. Harvest in Indore up to 500 g / m2 - an excellent fecundity for autoflowering hemp.

3. Auto Bob Feminized. Cuban-Jamaican genetics, TGC 20%. Mixed action with the predominance of sativa, relaxes, but does not slow down. The harvest is 300-500 g / m2 in Indore, in the open ground one and a half times more.

Piece sale of seeds cannabis

Buy marijuana seeds by cash on delivery, whether in Ukraine or abroad, you can easily find Divine Seeds and Bob Marley Seeds, as well as in stores selling their products. Available marijuana seeds (individually and in packs) are not only the strips of the own design of Canadian and Jamaican sydbank, but also unbeaten classical hits like White Widow , seeds of AK 47 (especially cheap), Skunk # 1.