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 the best varieties of marijuana

Category Popular varieties is designed for those who are not easy make a choice. Do not you know too much about varietal marijuana? Do not know what spring they would like to grow and taste? It is not surprising, because all the seeds presented in our window are the best varieties of cannabis and therefore very tempting. So, your attention in this category is offered by the phenotypes that are most often riveted.

Popular cannabis varieties - the best quality and convenience for all

During the grub of any of the varieties listed in the category you will understand , for which he fell in love with the Grover community and became one of the most popular. Here you will find only strong hybrid varieties, reliable, like a watch. Resistance to small errors Grover - no problem. Cannabis in this category is not prone to unpleasant surprises, it is good to exercise and suffers stress.

Does it make sense to choose the most popular varieties of marijuana?

Someone may not like the idea of ​​popularity - what's the point of doing the same as everyone else? We list the main advantages of popular cannabis varieties so that you can make a weighted decision.

  1. The average price. Do you speak for the first or second time? Then do not invest in expensive seeds, because the effectiveness of your fire is still a matter of luck. It is better to purchase a relatively inexpensive material to fill your hand.
  2. Comparative unpretentiousness. It's easy to come to the conclusion that the strings that buy constantly and repeatedly are successful in the thunder, despite all the deviations from the ideal habitat - not quite the right temperature in the growbox or the most ideal place for the firewood in the outdoor, etc.
  3. Taste and effect. It should be noted that the category Popular cannabis varieties is formed not only on the principle "what is taken most often". Of the most popular varieties, we selected the most psychedelic ones at the time of 2017, so that if you choose from this list, you could be sure that two or three puffs will not seem like much!
  4. Yield. Grove requires effort, investment and time, because this category has also passed a very strict selection of yields. Here there are only strains with an attractive relationship between foliage and flower mass. Most of these varieties in hydroponics give such colas that are suitable for commercial cultivation.

How to make a choice among the best varieties of marijuana? Everything is so tasty ...

Indeed, although we have grouped here the best varieties of cannabis, their number requires at least a little familiarity with the proposed menu. Your task as a groover first is to decide which effect attracts you more - indie stone (relaxation), sativa cerebral high (stimulation and creativity) or a mixture of both. Then imagine the conditions in which you plan to grow your hemp.

  • Growth. What height can the plant be able to accommodate without difficulty in your growbox?
  • Flowering period. If an outdoor is expected, will it have time to fade and mature before the first colds?
  • The smell. Is it dangerous in your apartment to grow strong-smelling hemp, or do not you have uninvited guests, and a charcoal filter eliminates a delicious aroma?

How to buy the best varieties?

Assortment "Bob Marley "offers selective genetics of Dutch, Jamaican, Spanish and Canadian origin, both in bulk and by piece. Our price policy, unlike foreign stores, is focused on the average income of Ukrainian and Russian consumers. Seeds are delivered all over Ukraine by New mail, payment only upon receipt (cash on delivery). You can choose any other delivery system at your discretion. Make your choice and grow your ideal garden.